For social media professionals

Stay on top of your game in just 60 mins per month

Fortnightly Social Media Insights Webinars specifically designed for marketers at brands, agencies & SMEs
How does it work?

Insightful is a service designed specifically to keep marketers on top of all the latest updates in the world of social media.

The speed at which social media evolves creates a real challenge for marketing professionals.

Insightful provides the solution via 2 curated webinars every month which include the latest social media feature updates, tools, research & case studies. Watch live or use our Quick Access Snippets.

Let us save you time by doing the research for you.

Insights Webinar structure

Our webinars cover:

  • Platform updates
  • Tool & app reviews
  • Brand case studies
  • Research study insights

Consume via:

  • Live webinar with Q&A
  • Recording on website
  • Quick Access Snippets
  • Audio-only version

The Detail:

  • 2 live webinars per month
  • Webinars inc Q&A
  • Duration: 30-40 mins
  • 12-15 Insights per webinar


We don't just present the facts. For every Insight we apply a "relevancy factor".

This means we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Is this Insight relevant for social media marketers?
  • Which industries & categories is it particularly relevant to?
  • How might a marketer apply this practically?
  • Is it relevant to NZ & Aus markets?
Save time
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Ask the right questions of your agencies
  • Adopt new features first
  • Save time researching 
  • More billable time
  • Introduce new ideas to clients
  • Learn how to practically implement new features
  • Stay ahead of your competitors

The Team behind Insightful

Hi, we're Andrew, Dom and Louise. We're experienced marketing professionals who have spent the last 3 years coaching brands, agencies & SMEs on all things social media.

Over the years we have heard the same thing, parrot fashion, from our clients - "Social media is always changing. It's impossible to stay on top of".

So we decided to do something about it.

Insightful is our solution.

It's tough trying to keep up

We ran a poll of marketers and over 50% said they spent 7+ hours per month trying to stay on top of social media. We reckon we can bring that down to 60 mins for you.

We research a wide variety of sources and we compile around 60-70 possible updates for each webinar. We then have a "curation" session where we ask the question "so what?" for each Insight. This allows us to filter down to approx 12-15 Insights that you actually need to know.

"As an agency we need to be across the latest social media developments. Typically this was taking many hours a month. Now, Insightful is the time-saving solution that keeps my team on top of their game."

Kirsty May, Group Account Director - BTL Auckland

Recent Insights

Below are some Insights taken from recent webinars. These will give you a feel for the kind of Insights we produce. 

See An Example

Want to see a webinar in action? Click below to see an example including the Full Webinar and the Quick Access Version.